National Fleet Pricing

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In collaboration with our vehicle manufacturer members, we are pleased to offer National Fleet Pricing to all AfMA Members with a fleet of 5 vehicles or more.

Generally, eligibility for National Fleet Discount is only accessible to businesses that have large fleets, usually over 50 vehicles registered to the business name.

AfMA allow small businesses to also access these discounts, via their membership of our peak industry body.

Important Information:

  • AfMA receives no rebate or subsidy from participating vehicle manufacturers. This is a member benefit service
  • Members inquiring or ordering a vehicle at a dealership, should always request to deal with the fleet sales representative not the retail sales representative
  • National Fleet Discounts are only available where AfMA has a recognised National Fleet Discount, negotiated and registered with the vehicle manufacturer
  • AfMA Members will be required to provide a letter of authority to the dealer, confirming the purchaser’s membership status and eligibility
  • Use the links below to register your interest in AfMA’s National Fleet Pricing or to become an AfMA member
  • AfMA membership is $465 per year for fleets up to 250 vehicles

National Fleet Discounts can be up to 15% of a vehicle’s value and typically range from $500 to as high as $5,000 per vehicle.

An ideal position for AfMA and its members, would be to have an arrangement with every vehicle manufacturer in Australia.  For now, the arrangements are limited to the manufacturers listed on the form.

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